HgVS Download

Download will begin in 5 seconds. If it does not, click here to download.


Must perform these steps to complete installation!
  1. Download and install TortoiseHg if not already installed.
  2. Start the VSIX Installer you just downloaded. If it did not download, click here to download.
  3. Start Visual Studio and go to Tools | Options.
  4. Select Source Control in the tree view.
  5. Select HgVS from the drop down list, and click OK.
  6. If you did not install TortoiseHg to the default location, verify the paths in HgVS Options.
  7. Visit the HgVS homepage to learn how to get started using key features, to watch video tutorials, and for support.

Key Features

Mercurial control — create repositories, switch branches, and commit changes all from within Visual Studio.

Diff margin — displays a color-coded bar in the margin of each file to highlight sections of code that have changed since previous commits. You can perform roll-backs on sections of code instead of the entire file.

File status icons — quickly see if a file has been modified or added to your repository from within Visual Studio’s solution explorer.

Compare Last Commit — opens the previous version of the file side-by-side and highlights the differences.