Getting Started

Installation and Setup

  1. Download and install TortoiseHg if not already installed.
  2. Download the run the VSIX package and open to install.
  3. Start Visual Studio and go to Tools | Options.
  4. Select Source Control in the tree view.
  5. Select HgVS from the drop down list, and click OK.
  6. If you did not install TortoiseHg to the default location, verify the paths in HgVS Options.

Creating an Hg Repository

  1. To create a new Hg repository, right click the project in the solution explorer and select menu HgVS: Add to Source Control.
  2. The file status is set as new.

Viewing Hg File Status

  1. Open Hg controlled projects in Visual Studio, HgVS displays the file status in Visual Studio’s solution explorer.

Committing Changes

  1. To commit changes to the Hg repository, select menu VIEW | HgVS Explorer.
  2. Click the Go!-> Commit to enter the Commit page.
  3. New, modified, and deleted files are shown in the list. Select the files you want to commit. Add a comment message and click Commit.
  4. The file statuses are shown as being tracked by HgVS after committing.
  5. Amend a commit by clicking the Go!->Amend Last Commit.
  6. The last commit message can be modified. Select files to commit and click the “Amend Last Commit” button to Amend the commit.

Switching Branches

  1. To switch branches, select menu VIEW | HgVS Explorer.
  2. Click Go!-> Switch Branch to enter the Switch Branch page.
  3. Select a branch.
  4. A summary of the changed files and the current branch name is shown.